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the Boy on the BridgeThe Boy on The bridge Review

RT Book Reviews

Readers of Carey’s The Girl With All the Gifts will know something about where this novel is going as soon as the Rosalind Franklin is introduced. He certainly has done an excellent job with having the two books intersect in fascinating ways, but this novel is self-contained enough that it makes for a gripping narrative on its own. As with the first half of the story, this volume excels at getting inside the head of multiple characters while presenting a believably harrowing account of a post-human world of constant danger and raising the stakes until something has to break. If all zombie (and zombie-type) novels were this thoughtful and compelling, the genre wouldn’t feel as tired as it often can in lesser hands.


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the essex serpentThe Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry - book review: A thing of beauty inside and out

The Independent UK, Lucy Scholes


Sarah Perry’s new novel The Essex Serpent is a thing of beauty inside and out. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned a book’s cover in a review before, but Peter Dyer’s William Morris-inspired design is stunning, a tantalizing taste of the equally sumptuous prose that lies within.

Set at the very end of the nineteenth century, the Essex marshes become Perry’s Dover Beach, the setting for a three-way clash between science, religion and superstition, three serpents entwined: the snake of Asclepius coiling round its staff, that from the Garden of Eden, and a mythical terrible beast, “a monstrous serpent with eyes like a sheep, come out of the Essex waters and up to the birch woods and commons,” claiming human and animal lives alike.


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