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Books and Beyond

Of Blood and BoneOf Blood and Bone


Nora Roberts’s newest book — a dystopian novel called Of Blood and Bone — A sequel to 2017’s Year One, the new release is an exciting adventure and the second in Roberts’s Chronicles of The One trilogy. Read on for a list of things to know before reading the new Nora Roberts book, including an overview of the plot and early critical reviews.

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Were going to need more wineWe’re Going to Need More Wine

Flare, Kearie Daniel

In We’re Going to Need More Wine, Gabrielle Union describes the issue of colourism by saying, “It’s an age-old ‘us against us’ oversimplification, that boils down to the belief that the lighter your skin tone, the more valuable and worthy you are. 

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The 5AM Club

"Isn't it like… daily… torture?"

Business Insider, Susie Moore

A 5 a.m. alarm conjures images of pain, being attacked by an intruder — the "brrrrrriiiinnnnng!!!!!" of an alarm clock — in those juicy, deep sleep hours (only to open your eyes to utter darkness and the stiff breeze of 30°F outside).

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The Binding The Binding

News.com.au, Catherine Milne

If there’s something you need to erase, he can assist. But one day, he makes a discovery: a book with his own name in it … The Binding is an unforgettable novel of enchantment, mystery, memory, and forbidden love, a homage to the allure and life-changing power of books.

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Enemy of the People

Zuma was forced to re-appoint Gordhan

news24, Pieter du Toit and Adriaan Basson

This high-level crisis meeting was held in Sandton in the afternoon, with the participants confirmed only by midday. Some of the banks’ research staff were still running around at the last hour...

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Who will rule in 2019Who Will Rule in 2019?

City Press

The next national elections may be the first in 25 years in which no party wins an outright majority. In his book Who Will Rule in 2019? veteran political journalist Jan-Jan Joubert believes next year could bring a coalition government for South Africa. This is an extract from the book:

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RamaphosaRamaphosa and 'the big deal'

news24, Extract

One of the keys to the success of the talks was the relationship that developed between Ramaphosa and his National Party counterpart, Roelf Meyer. Meyer was one of the party’s promising young leaders from its verligte, or enlightened, wing.

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