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The Child finder

The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

W24, Hannah Atkins


There’s something magical about Denfeld’s writing. It’s sorrowful and relentless, pushing you forward to the conclusion – and you are powerless to resist. 

This book is ideal for those who prefer what I like to call ‘quiet’ mysteries – it’s not action-packed, but there is certainly a palpable sense of dread, and a focus just as much on the personal as the procedural.

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The Case Against Sugar MRB

The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes 

The Guardian, PD Smith


This “tidal wave” is the subject of US science journalist Gary Taubes’s remarkable book. From the earliest historical cases – diabetes was first described in the sixth century BC – to the latest research, Taubes argues that the primary cause is not dietary fat and a sedentary life, as has been believed, but our addiction to sugar, which has “unique physiological, metabolic and endocrinological [ie hormonal] effects” that trigger diabetes and obesity.

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Red Sparrow MRB

Red Sparrow Review


The timing couldn’t be better for “Red Sparrow” to sweep into theaters with its story of a Russian spy and an American spy trying to outwit one another. As one character in the thriller declares, “the Cold War never ended.” No kidding.

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All the Money in the World MRB

All The Money In The World Review

Forbes, Scott Mendelson


After much fuzz over a last-minute crisis, Sony will distribute Tri Star and Scott Free's All the Money in the World into theaters on Christmas Day. Considering the subject matter, audience demographics and overall tone, dropping a movie like this on Christmas is almost a practical joke, but Ridley Scott wanted his shot at Oscar glory, dammit.

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David Walliams 10 Years

Celebrating a decade of David Walliams in publishing

27TH FEBRUARY, 2018 HarperCollins Children’s Books today herald the biggest book party ever and unveil their plans to celebrate a decade of David Walliams publishing and his remarkable success as a children’s author.

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Manage Your Money MRBManage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup Review


Do you understand your own behaviour when it comes to dealing with or managing your spending?

Our finance minister, Malusi Gigaba, has just announced in his budget speech that VAT is going up in April to 15%.

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The Colour Purple MRBThe Color Purple enthrals Joburg

 eNCA, Andrea van Wyk  

Johannesburg - "Girl child ain't safe in a family of mens! / Sick and tired how a woman still live like a slave/ Oh, you better learn how to fight back / While you still alive! / You show them, girl, and beat back that jive! / Cause when a man jus' don't give a damn... Hell no! / Hell no!!"

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Year One MRBYear one Review

The Washington Post, Ron Charles

If you needed any further proof that the world was ending, here comes Nora Roberts with “Year One,” a work of speculative fiction about a deadly pandemic. Anyone monitoring the mutating strains of pop fiction should have seen this new hybrid emerging from the Queen of Romance.

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The Woman in the Window MRBThe Woman in the Window lives up to the hype

The Washington Post, Patrick Anderson

Anna’s husband has left her and taken their 8-year-old daughter with him. She talks to them by phone and vainly begs him to return. She’s a child psychologist and still advises a few patients by email, but mostly she is alone with her wine, her movies and her cat.

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Last GirlThe Last Girl ReviewThe Last Girl Review

Independent, Caroline Mortimer

One of the Yazidi women abducted and raped by Isis has told of her harrowing experience in a new book.

Nadia Murad, recounted how she was one of approximately 7,000 Yazidi women and girls abducted from their villages in northern Iraq during the group’s advance in 2014.

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