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The Colour Purple MRBThe Color Purple enthrals Joburg

 eNCA, Andrea van Wyk  

Johannesburg - "Girl child ain't safe in a family of mens! / Sick and tired how a woman still live like a slave/ Oh, you better learn how to fight back / While you still alive! / You show them, girl, and beat back that jive! / Cause when a man jus' don't give a damn... Hell no! / Hell no!!"

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Year One MRBYear one Review

The Washington Post, Ron Charles

If you needed any further proof that the world was ending, here comes Nora Roberts with “Year One,” a work of speculative fiction about a deadly pandemic. Anyone monitoring the mutating strains of pop fiction should have seen this new hybrid emerging from the Queen of Romance.

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The Woman in the Window MRBThe Woman in the Window lives up to the hype

The Washington Post, Patrick Anderson

Anna’s husband has left her and taken their 8-year-old daughter with him. She talks to them by phone and vainly begs him to return. She’s a child psychologist and still advises a few patients by email, but mostly she is alone with her wine, her movies and her cat.

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Last GirlThe Last Girl ReviewThe Last Girl Review

Independent, Caroline Mortimer

One of the Yazidi women abducted and raped by Isis has told of her harrowing experience in a new book.

Nadia Murad, recounted how she was one of approximately 7,000 Yazidi women and girls abducted from their villages in northern Iraq during the group’s advance in 2014.

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100 Nasty Women of History Hannah Jewell’s 100 Nasty Women of History

The AU Review, Jodie B. Sloan

Packed with women too brave, too brilliant, and too unconventional to have a place in our traditional view of history, 100 Nasty Women of History is an inspiring and exciting collection of mini biographies.

And it is, as Jewell says, a healthier alternative to drinking yourself into oblivion every time a politician thinks he’s allowed to decide what’s going on inside a woman’s uterus.

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