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Mandela EssentialsMandela: His Essential Life

The Guardian

During Nelson Mandela’s 1962 trial in Pretoria, before he was sent to Robben Island, Winnie turned up each day, often magnificent in traditional chiefdom dress.

She was indomitably defiant. Later, suffering so much and bringing up her own two girls while Nelson Mandela served his 27 years in prison, she was beaten up, banned, then banished to remote Brandfort in the Orange Free State, harassed and imprisoned too.

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American PrincessAmerican Princess 

In "American Princess," Leslie Carroll provides context to Harry and Meghan’s romance by leading readers through centuries of Britain’s rule-breaking royal marriages.

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Our HouseOur House Review

My Weekly, Karen Byrom 

Imagine coming home to your house after a few romantic days away with your new partner. You’re looking forward to getting home, unpacking and putting your feet up for a little while. As you approach your front door, you notice something unusual. There’s a removal van outside – and removal men are unloading and delivering furniture that is not yours into the house.

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CIRCECirce Review

Independent, Lucy Scholes

The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller’s re-imagining of The Iliad that positioned the love story between Achilles and Patroclus centre stage, was both a bestseller and won the 2012 Orange Prize for Fiction. With this recipe for success in hand, it’s not surprising that Miller – who teaches high school Latin and Greek – has turned to the same model for her thrilling second novel, Circe, though this time it’s the Odyssey that provides the primary text.

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The FearThe Fear

The Scotsman

The bestselling author, who writes as C.L. Taylor, explains: “Writing helps me deal with my anxieties. You are accessing your deepest fears, but when you’re done, it’s very freeing because you’ve worked through that fear and put it behind you.”

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Force of NatureForce of Nature

The Guardian, Amanda Coe

Forget having choices and being in control, what if that’s all bullshit? I don’t feel in control at all. What if we don’t have any choice in anything, and we’re actually all destined to stay lost out here? Alone and scared and never found?

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Born in ChainsDiary of an Angry Born Free

W24, Clinton Chauke

With great self-awareness, Clinton negotiates the pitfalls and lifelines of a young life: crime and drugs, football, religion, friendship, school, circumcision and, ultimately, becoming a man.

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