Category: Audiobooks

Audio Book: ‘Future Tense’ by Tony Leon

With unique access and penetrating insight, Tony Leon presents a portrait of today’s South Africa and prospects for its future.

Audio Book: ‘Joining the Dots’ by Jonathan Ancer & Chris Whitfield

Joining the Dots is an in-depth and satisfying read about Pravin Gordhan - who has been at the centre of South African public life.

Audio Book: ‘Hitmen for Hire’ by Mark Shaw

Hitmen For Hire takes the reader on a journey like no other, navigating a world of hitmen, informers, rogue policemen, gang leaders and crooked businessmen.

Audio Book: ‘How To Steal a City’ by Crispian Olver

An insider’s account of state capture in the city of Port Elizabeth from an ANC member and former senior government official.

Audio Book: ‘Ougat’ by Shana Fife

Exploring themes of sexuality, marriage and motherhood, rape, drugs and depression and cultural identity, Ougat describes what it means to be a coloured woman.

Audio Book: ‘CEO X Factor’ by KC Rottok Chesaina

The CEO X factor shows that reaching the top requires a very specific kind of character, a true focus on people and a value-driven approach.

Audio Book: ‘A Father is Born’ by Tumiso Mashaba

A Father Is Born covers themes of fatherhood, black masculinity, toxic masculinity, generational trauma, infidelity, abuse, suicide and mental health.

Audio Book: ‘Black Tax’ by Niq Mhlongo

From Niq Mhlongo comes a deeply personal stories that lay bare the complexities around the issue and the wide-ranging viewpoints on black tax.

Audio Book: ‘Breaking the Bombers’ by Mark Shaw

The tale of how the police’s response pulled together former foes – struggle cadres and the apartheid security apparatus – to break the Pagad death squads.

Audio Book: ‘The Buck That Buries Its Poo’ by Quinton Coetzee

The Buck That Buries its Poo shares fun facts about wildlife and dispels common myths, written in a fun, accessible way