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Jan & Feb releases for 0-5 year-olds

Not sure what book to get your little one? Take a look at these special new releases for January and February:


Hearts Are Everywhere

Wednesday Kirwan

Hide-and find-hearts for Valentine’s Day or any day! Just turn the wheel, lift the flaps, and play! An interactive wheel hides brightly coloured hearts across a variety of sweet scenes. After the heart is hidden, it’s time to guess where it is. Lift the flap for the reveal in this game-in-a-book, then play again (and again) for hours of heartfelt fun!

Paw Patrol: Dive Into Puplantis

When Mayor Humdinger causes deep-sea chaos it’s up to the heroic pups and their new friend, a merpup named Coral, to save the day.

Get ready for an underwater adventure in Puplantis with the PAW Patrol – featuring new merpup Coral!

Mr Men Little Miss: Chinese New Year

Roger Hargreaves

The Mr Men and Little Miss are celebrating Chinese New Year!

Little Miss Neat is having a party with traditional decorations and a New Year’s Eve feast and the next day there will even be a dragon dance. What could possibly go wrong?!

Mr Men Little Miss: My Mummy

Roger Hargreaves

The Little Miss will help you show your mummy just how special she is to you. From making you smile, even when things are going wrong, to knowing just when hugs are needed, mummies are Splendid, Fun, Magic, Sunshine – lots of the Little Miss rolled into one! Children can also add their own words to the story to make it a really personal gift.

Snail in Space

Rachel Bright

Gail the snail has always been told not to dream too big or reach too far, but Gail is not your average snail, and she has plans to be the first . . . SNAIL IN SPACE! Join Gail on her stellar adventure and discover the magic of reaching for the stars and giving it your all.

A Horse Called Now

Ruth Doyle

A calm and reassuring story about overcoming worries and living in the present moment with beautiful artwork from Alexandra Finkeldey.

Hush, Little Trucker

Kim Norman

A new spin on the classic song “Hush, Little Baby,” this truck-themed lullaby follows a mother and child as they discover different vehicles, including a tow truck, jeep, forklift, dump truck, backhoe, concrete mixer, bulldozer, flatbed truck, front-end loader, and crane.

From Archie to Zack

Vincent Kirsch

From Archie to Zack is an unapologetic celebration of friendship and first crushes from author-illustrator Vincent X. Kirsch—now in a paperback picture book, with four tear-out Valentine’s Day cards!

Meet The Dinosaurs

Caryl Hart

Join in with the rhymes and get ready to spot all the friendly (and not so friendly!) dinosaurs, from the huge Brontosaurus and amazing Diplodocus to the speedy Velociraptor and scary T-Rex. Little ones will have an action-packed time (and be back in time for bed!) in this fun and fact-packed picture book.

Bigfoot Baby!

Elias Barks

Open the flaps to follow an adorable young bigfoot (a.k.a., Sasquatch) on a day-long adventure in a warm and vibrant magical-realist Pacific Northwest forest realm.

Along the way you’ll meet and interact with a forest full of nonthreatening creatures including tree fairies, forest gnomes, bats, bears and owls.

Vampire Baby!

Elias Barks

Open the flaps to follow Vampire Baby through a not-so-spooky haunted castle on Halloween night!

On every page, and beneath every flap, Vampire Baby! is crawling with Gothic Halloween imagery and creeping with classic Halloween creatures, including a mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, a ghost, and a gargoyle.

Alien Baby!

Elias Barks

Open the flaps to follow a young gray alien toddler over the course of an intergalactic day in a fantastical outer space wonderland.

Young readers and pre-readers will delight in the details of this magical cosmic world brought to life with bright pinks and blues, spiral galaxies, asteroids, shooting stars and unexpected and delightful creatures behind every celestial swirl.

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