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April releases for 10-12 year-olds

Not sure what book to get your young reader? Check out the latest and most anticipated books for 10-12 year-olds – guaranteed to please and delight.


The Vanquishers 2 : Secret of the Reaping

Kalynn Bayron

The second book in the bitingly brilliant and fangtastically feisty middle-grade series THE VANQUISHERS by New York Times bestselling author Kalynn Bayron. Fans of The Breakfast Club Adventures, Goosebumps and Stranger Things will devour this fun, thrilling and heartfelt vampire adventure.

Pages & Co.: The Last Bookwanderer

Anna James

The final magical bookwandering adventure in the bestselling Pages & Co. series featuring Milo and Tilly as they travel into Arthurian legend to find the first bookwanderer! Perfect for fans of Chris Colfer’s A Tale of Magic, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, and Lockwood & Co.!

Pirates of Darksea

Catherine Doyle

From the award-winning author of The Storm Keeper’s Island, set sail on Catherine Doyle’s latest perilous adventure to the magical islands of Darksea.

Onyeka and the Heroes of Dawn

Tolá Okogwu

Onyeka and her superpowered friends set off to England on a rescue mission in this third installment in the Onyeka middle grade series, perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, The Marvellers, and X-Men.

A Drop of Golden Sun

Kate Saunders

It’s 1973 and Jenny has been cast in a major motion picture. Her ordinary life is about to become extraordinary! From the Costa-winning author of Five Children on the Western Front.

Interdimensional Explorers: Alien Apocalypse

Lorraine Gregory

The second sensational book in a brand-new funny, accessible and action-packed space-adventure series written by the incredible Lorraine Gregory – perfect for middle grade fans of MG Leonard and David Baddiel!

If the fate of the entire multiverse was in your hands, what would YOU do?

Dragon Force: Devourer’s Attack

Katie and Kevin Tsang

It’s a dream come true for Lance Lo and his sister Zoe to be at Camp Claw, training for the elite Dragon Force to help protect the world.

But with the core members captured by the evil Devourer, they soon find themselves taking on their most dangerous mission yet. Can they rescue the rest of the team from a creature who will do anything to feed his appetite for magic. . . ?

Black Hole Cinema Club

Christopher Edge

When Lucas meets his friends at the local cinema – nicknamed ‘The Black Hole’ – they’re excited about the movie marathon ahead. Non-stop action, blockbuster special effects and all the snacks they can eat. But as the lights go down, Lucas, Ash, Maya, Caitlin and Finn watch in disbelief as a jet-black tidal wave comes crashing out of the cinema screen and the five friends find themselves swept into an epic adventure.

To and Fro

Anton Clifford Motopi

Sam tries to understand what it means to be Black in this funny Australian story about identity, family and friendship.

Mighty Inside

Sundee T. Frazier

Melvin Robinson wants a strong, smooth, He-Man voice that lets him say what he wants, when he wants—especially to his crush Millie Takazawa, and Gary Ratliff, who constantly puts him down. But the thought of starting high school is only making his stutter worse.

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