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When Elephants Listen With Their Feet

When Elephants Listen With Their Feet

Discover extraordinary animal senses

Emmanuelle Grundmann

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Explore the wild and wonderful world of animal senses with a dynamic work of children’s nonfiction. Humans experience the world through sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. But what if you had the compound eyes of a fly, the whiskers of a cat, or a whale’s ability to sense magnetic north?

There’s a whole world of surprising senses out there, and fascinating adaptations that have allowed animals to make use of them. We can’t interpret the faint vibration of an elephant’s faraway stomp, but learning how they keep in touch with family across the wide savannah helps us understand that we are more alike than different. Featuring accessible text from Emmanuelle Grundmann, inviting art from Clemence Dupont, and informational sidebars, a glossary, an index of animals, and a standard index, When Elephants Listen with their Feet is a lively nonfiction book that encourages curiosity about-and respect for-the animals with which we share our planet.

About the Author

When she was little, Emmanuelle Grundmann dreamed about the Amazon, about monkeys, and about flying above the canopy on feathered wings. Since then she has become an author and speaker with a doctorate in ethology (the science of animal behavior) and conservation. Emmanuelle writes and travels the planet for biodiversity-themed conferences and exhibits, with a particular interest in primates, forests, oceans, amphibians, and kakapos. She also presents children’s workshops.

Book Details:

Published: January 2024
ISBN: 9781772783032
Format: Paperback
Page extent: 40 pages

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