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‘How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube’

How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube

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The Rubik’s Cube is the world’s best-known puzzle, a magical object that has baffled and fascinated the world for over fifty years.

This clearly-illustrated step-by-step guide teaches you a foolproof beginners’ method for solving the Cube, plus advanced techniques if you want to learn to solve it in seconds.

An Official Guide to cracking the cube!

About the Rubik’s Cube

Invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik, the Rubik’s Cube is the most famous puzzle toy in history with 98% global awareness. Recognized for its unique combination of colors and shapes. The Rubik’s Cube continues to inspire and challenge all ages for generations to come.

Book Details:

Published: January 2024
ISBN: 9781405291354
Format: Paperback
Page extent: 64 Pages

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