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March releases for 6-9 year-olds

Not sure what book to get your growing reader? Take a look at these special new releases for March


Murray and Bun: Murray the Viking

Adam Stower

Meet your favourite new duo: MURRAY AND BUN!

Murray is a cat. Murray loves snoozing, fluffy blankets, and peace and quiet.

Bun is a bun. Bun loves… EVERYTHING!

And together they are unstoppable!

SOMETIMES Murray’s enchanted cat flap leads to the garden… but mostly it leads to ADVENTURE!

Pokémon: Legendary Nightmare, A Graphic Novel

Fans of Pokémon won’t want to miss this cool graphic novel with two exciting new stories!

First, in Fire-Type Fued, Ash and best pal Gary embark on a journey to Pallet Town, which leads them to a thrilling Fire-type battle between the Pokémon Infernape and Moltres. How will it end? Then, in Not Afraid of the Darkrai, Dawn and Chloe are exploring the Sinnoh region and discover a town suffering from nightmares. Will an epic battle between Cresselia and Darkrai help the residents?

Pokémon: Ultimate Types Sticker Scene

Join Pikachu and all your favourite Pokémon friends as you discover the different Types of Pokémon. With eighteen awesome scenes for you to fill with exciting Pokémon stickers as well as epic activities and a quiz to test your Pokémon knowledge. You’ll soon be a Pokémon Master.

Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery

Laura Ellen Anderson

Meet Marnie Midnight – a little moth with BIG dreams!

Marnie Midnight is SO excited to be starting at Minibeast Academy. She adores everything about the moon and she can’t wait to learn about its magic. But Marnie soon discovers that nobody believes in moon magic anymore!

Pippa’s Pony Tales: Nimrod the Circus Pony

Pippa Funnell

Tilly dreams of having a pony of her own. One that only she can ride to stardom. Will her wishes come true when she joins Silver Shoe Farm Stables?

The Ear

Piret Raud

When the artist Vincent van Gogh cuts off his ear, the ear is suddenly left alone and headless. What will become of her? Where should she go? What should she do? Acutely aware of how small and insignificant she is in the big, wide world, the ear experiences something of an identity crisis. She simply doesn’t know who she is anymore. But thanks to a downcast frog with a heavy heart who simply needs listening to, she realizes what she can offer to the world: a sympathetic ear. Through helping her friends, she discovers a fresh perspective on life.

Don’t Panic! We Can Save the Planet

James Campbell

Tired of FREAKING OUT about climate change? Want to stop being an eco-WORRIER and start being an eco-WARRIOR? And do you absolutely, positively LOVE laughing? Then this hands-on and hilarious guide to saving the world is for YOU!

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