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Reviews of ‘Check & Mate’ by A. Hazelwood

Reviewer: @booktris (Instagram)

A few things about this book, it is Older YA/Bordering NA.

It is a closed door romance and has no explicit sex scenes (However it is a sex positive book).

And it reads like every other Ali Hazelwood, if the recipe works why change it?

I finally got around to finishing Check and Mate. Ali Hazelwood has largely been a hit or miss, I loved the first one and then after that it has been very dependent on my mood.

These are classic cheesy romance books. The plot is wildly unrealistic, the love interest questionably flawless, and the antagonists are comically villainous! It’s fun, it’s feel good but it’s not by any means ground breaking.

Ali Hazelwood has a charming personality to her writing, and man oh man does she love her references! It was a good time reading this, very easy breezy and relaxing.

I don’t think there is much more I can say, you want a quick easy weekend read? This would make an excellent candidate!

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Reviewer: @misch_is_bookish (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

I received this book as a gifted review copy and seeing as I’m a massive Ali Hazelwood fangirl I couldn’t wait to start reading it!!

I read this as a buddy read with @_tessthebookworm4_ and had such a good time with it! As always Ali’s books are just such easy books to read. They drag you out of a slump and they’re hard to put down!

I will admit that her characters are even becoming slightly repetitive to me! Like look I love an Ali MMC but her FMCs are getting on my nerves a bit at this point!

My only real gripe with this book is that I wanted more from the ending!! All this ramping up to the big finale just to skip over it and give us an epilogue! No thank you ma’am! I wanted the climax!!

But I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was fun to see how she handled a YA book!

Rating breakdown:

  • Plot: 4.4♟️
  • Pacing: 4.3♟️
  • Writing: 4♟️
  • Language: 5♟️
  • Characters: 4♟️
  • Romance: 3.5♟️

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Reviewer: @bookishlaurenh (Instagram)

Ali had me at the library 😍 in Mallory’s new work space, which sounds like the dream library. And then Oz’s rules😂 for sharing the office space, his grumpiness- I loved him. And I could instil some of his rules in my house (joking but not joking🤪) And the mystery of the dad… that was intriguing, I kept trying to figure out what the deal was and never guessed it.

I love how Mallory says she has ‘No room for relationships’ cue the music – da na nah…. You just know!

Even though I don’t play chess ( and even after reading this delightful book, I still have no interest in learning), I really enjoyed it. Seeing a side to a sport I would never have guessed would be so competitive.

I loved Mallory’s spirit and how, despite the negativity towards her being a woman in chess, she still shows those boys what she’s made of. I love how Nolan made her feel.

This was my first Ali Hazelwood, and I enjoyed it. It may be YA, but it didn’t really feel like it – yes, she’s young, but she’s more mature and self-aware than many adults are.

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