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Reviews of ‘The Au Pair Affair’

Reviewer: @rustic_pages_and_literature (Instagram)

Rating: 5/5

What an emotional, swoon-worthy, and amazing this book was. This is the 2nd book in the Big Shots series by Tessa Bailey. The Au Pair Affair will be released in July.

I loved this book so much. Tallulah and Burgess belong together. This single father has fallen very hard for his nanny. Tallulah is a marine biologist and Burgess is a professional hockey player and has a 12-year-old daughter.

These two characters went through so much while she is sunshine he is grumpy. The Au Pair Affair has the “touch her and you die” vibes. He cares so much for her that he will go out of his way to make sure she is okay. This steamy romance book will leave you speechless.

If you enjoy the following:

  • Grumpy/ Sunshine
  • Forced Proximity
  • Age Gap
  • Single Father
  • Spicy
  • Hockey romance 🏒
  • He is a protector/ defender
  • Romantic comedy
  • Sports romance

Then you MUST read this book! 💖

@jonathanballpublishers thank you so much for gifting me this ARC. I enjoyed this read so much. This was a swoon-worthy page-turner.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Spice: 🌶🌶🌶🌶

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Reviewer: @tbrwarriors (Instagram)

Rating: 3/5

Sigh, my love / hate relationship with this author is REAL! Having said that – I cannot WAIT to read the next book because I know which side characters is going to be based on – and excited and intrigued is an understatement.

Tallulah met Burgess in the first book, the two hit it off and Burgess, famous Boston Hockey defense man, grouch and Captain invited her to Au Pair for him the following year when she comes to Boston for her studies.

Tallulah arrives in Boston, excited and PETRIFIED – she sits in the smoothie shop across from Burgess’s building surrounded by her luggage convincing herself to call him and tell him she is HERE but can no longer Au Pair his 12 year old daughter and most importantly, live with a man she doesn’t actually know. As she is about to give up Burgess enters the Smoothie store and finds her sitting there.

Burgess understands and offers to help Tallulah find other arrangements, even if he has to pay for it himself.

He is a lot of things, but he won’t be able to rest at night if she isn’t safe. After a somewhat rocky start Tallulah starts Au Pairing and many things change for… all involved.

I don’t really want to say more than that, I liked the fact that their was a deeper connection forming between the two, unfortunately in my OWN opinion – TB’s spicy scenes are a bit cringe for me and it sometimes ends up ruining the book for me #sorrynotsorry

I found this book to be VERY heavily reliant on tropes, more so those that are hyped at the moment. I feel like books are being written around the tropes authors want to use and not a story that happens to utilise one or two tropes that fit into the storyline.

I know, I know and then I still read her books HAHA I really do want to read the next one in the series. But if it follows the same suit – I might have to come to peace that this author is just not for me and that’s okay.

Thank you so much @jonathanballpublishers for a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Reviewer: @bookishlaurenh (Instagram)

This was my first Tessa Bailey book, and I’ll admit I was a little scared going on. There are so many reviews about the spice level and *adult* content. That’s what she’s known for.

There was spice, a lot of spice ( a lot of verbal talk about spice that would happen) But there was also more. Tallulah is young but mature, compassionate, smart, and I think a great person. Burgess is older – not too old to be a pro hockey player but old enough to have a daughter (Tallulah and his daughter have pretty much the same age gap as he a Tallulah do!) I liked that he wanted to protect her, keep his role as defenceman, but I did feel he sometimes came across a bit overbearing, a bit too controlling- but that could just be me, but when control is thrust ( sometimes a bit literally) warning bells go off in my head.

Overall, it was a fun read, I want the first in the series now – I don’t feel that there were spoilers – c’mon, we all know the MC’s land up together in the end. And I definitely want to see what happens to certain other characters in this book. So while it is a series, standalone works too.

Thank you @jonathanballpublishers for a spicy blind date

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The Au Pair Affair is not available in South Africa yet, but will be released in July

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