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Crime & Thriller Fiction to Binge in Easter

Delve into the gripping world of thriller and crime books this easter – perfect for fans craving the intensity of series like Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds. From pulse-pounding suspense to mind-bending plot twists, these page-turners will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning each page to unravel the next clue this Easter season.

Bingeworthy Crime & Thriller Fiction for Easter

The Search Party

Hannah Richell

The Search Party is a multi-POV mystery thriller depicting a glamping trip gone completely wrong. When a destructive storm strands a group of campers who are old friends come together for a reunion, cutting them off from the rest of the world, one of their fellow campers disappears. This leads to a twist-filled road to uncovering secrets and multiple tests of their bond as friends, in a creative mix of different perspectives, including a police investigation and a hospital room.

Don’t Swipe Right

L.M. Chilton

A twist, fast paced murder mystery with a humorous tone that’s perfect for fans of Netflix’s You, Don’t Swipe Right follows a young barista and entrepreneur named Gwen who discovers that her matches on the dating app she uses are being targeted by a serial killer. It will make you think twice before opening those dating apps while giving you a much-needed laugh.

Like Clockwork

Margie Orford

In the first instalment of Margie Orford’s Clare Heart series, a set of murder mysteries set in Cape Town, Like Clockwork follows Dr Clare Hart, a journalist and part time police profiler who becomes entangled in a case following a serial killer that forces her to revisit a traumatic past when she launches a compelling investigation into the world of organised crime and human trafficking.

The Serial Killer’s Wife

Alice Hunter

The Serial Killer’s Wife is a gripping psychological thriller debut by Alice Hunter about a young couple, the Hardcastles, and there seemingly perfect marriage and life together. Beth Hardcastle’s peace of mind is shattered when her husband Tom is arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. As the investigation unravels and more deceptions are revealed, she begins to question their marriage and whether she ever really knew him at all. It’s not an exciting TV series on Amazon Prime for you to binge alongside your read!

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter

Nicci French

The latest book by thriller and mystery writer powerhouse Nicci French, Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter is a page-turning story following the disappearance of Charlotte Salter on the day of her husband’s birthday in 1990. The entire community of the small town where they reside in England is gripped by suspicion when the Salter family’s neighbour Duncan Ackerley is found dead by the Salter children soon after in the same river where Charlotte’s coat is found, and speculations arise about whether they were having an affair and the reasons for their fates.

The Murder After The Night Before

Katy Brent

From the author of How to Kill Men and Get Away with It comes this exciting comic thriller-mystery! The Murder After the Night Before follows the aftermath of a night out, where the protagonist wakes up with a hangover to find herself in bed with a stranger with unwanted social media infamy looming… and her best friend dead. After calling the police she becomes convinced that this was no accident and that her friend was murdered and sets off to uncover the truth of what happened on that crazy night.

End of Story

A.J. Finn

End of Story is A.J. Finn’s latest spellbinding mystery with a detective thriller twist. It follows an expert in detective fiction, Nicky Hunter, as she’s invited to help a wealthy reclusive mystery novelist, Sebastian Trapp, who is on his deathbed and needs her assistance in writing his life story as he reaches his final months. Here, Nicky learns a plot-thickening secret about the disappearance of Trapp’s first wife and son twenty years before and when a body turns up on Trapp’s impressive property soon after, questions and family secrets arise, and Nicky catches a serious case of ‘detective fever’.

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