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Historical Fiction for April

Take a step back in time this April with some enchanting historical romance novels that promise heartwarming tales of love, passion, and escapism. From forbidden love affairs to daring adventures, these novels offer the perfect blend of historical authenticity and a heartfelt sense of community – so let these captivating stories whisk you away on a journey through time.

Historical Fiction for April

The Wartime Book Club

Kate Thompson

Set in the Isle of Jersey during World War II, The Wartime Book Club depicts a story of community, love, and everyday resilience. It follows librarian Grace and her friend Bea as they form a book club in defiance of occupying German forces’ order to destroy all books that threaten their regime on the Isle. The book club offers the other residents of the Isle a chance to experience a vital sense of joy and escapism even as their lives grow more dangerous as a result of their actions. It’s a stunning tribute to the power of literature to resist and liberate!

The London Bookshop Affair

Louise Fein

Set in 1962, during the Cold War, Louise Fein’s The London Bookshop Affair follows a bookshop worker, Celia Duchesne in 1962 London as her life is upended as she is introduced to a thrilling world of espionage by an American traveller. This narrative intersects with the story of Anya Moreau, a spy during the war living in France as Celia uncovers her connections to Anya and delves into state secrets, which puts her in the middle of a conflict between love and justice.

The Phoenix Crown

Kate Quinn & Janie Chang

Set in a rich historical environment and co-authored by bestselling authors Kate Quinn (Bridgerton) and Janie Chang, The Phoenix Crown is a historical fiction story that tells the story of two women – Gemma and Suling – whose lives intertwine in the aftermath of an earthquake in San Francisco in 1906 as well as in the spectacular palaces of Versailles. It follows their journey to find the mysterious Phoenix Crown and explores themes of justice, art, and love.

The Which Way Tree

Elizabeth Crook

The Which Way Tree is a captivating Western revenge and survival plot set in post-Civil War Texas. The story is told through the perspective of Benjamin Shreve as he recalls his sister Samantha’s relentless pursuit of a panther that killed their mother. Despite her body’s struggle with healing from the attack, Samantha remains determined and while their journey is dangerous, they meet unexpected allies, including a Tejano outlaw and a preacher. It masterfully explores themes of justice, resilience, and the deep bonds of family.


Chloe Michelle Howarth

Sunburn is a moving coming-of-age debut set in the early 1990s in the Irish village of Crossmore where Lucy, our protagonist feels isolated by the traditional expectations of her small, conservative community. Her journey of self-discovery intensifies during the summer when she develops an intense infatuation with her school friend Susannah. This blossoms into a passionate, yet forbidden love, forcing Lucy to lead a double life. As she battles with her identity and her hopes, Lucy has a choice to make between a future that offers security within her community and another that promises true happiness but at great personal risk.

The Covenant of Water

Abraham Verghese

The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese is an acclaimed historical epic that spans three generations of a family in Kerala, India. The narrative begins with a young girl’s arranged marriage and follows the journey of her growth into the family matriarch, Big Ammachi. The family deals with a mysterious affliction that causes members to die by drowning in a land surrounded by water. It masterfully deals with themes of love, faith, and medicine while exploring the family’s struggles and successes against the backdrop of India’s Malabar Coast.

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