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Romantasy Titles to Start 2024

Looking for a new Romantasy book in 2024 but you’re not not sure what to get? Take a look at these special new Romantasy releases for the first quarter of 2024

New Romantasy Titles for 2024

Ruthless Vows – January

Rebecca Ross

In this sequel to the worldwide fantasy phenomenon that was Divine Rivals, is a story about Iris and Roman, a reporter and writer who are on opposite sides of a war between gods. It carries on from where Iris and Roman fell in love but were separated by circumstance. Now, confronted with Roman’s memory loss, they are both caught in a web of lies, danger, and are faced with choices that will test their loyalty and love. They must find each other and stop the war before it destroys their world.

This Cursed Light – February

Emily Thiede

The final book in the Cursed Trilogy, This Cursed Light is a fantasy romance novel that follows the adventures of Dante and Alessa, two young people who have a special connection to the gods and the power to control the elements. They have to face the wrath of the gods, who want to destroy their world, and they have to face the secrets of their own pasts, which threaten to tear them apart. They also have to deal with the consequences of their actions, which have left them with dangerous curses that could end their lives and force them to consider what they are willing to sacrifice for each other and for the fate of their world.

Bride – February

Ali Hazelwood

Bride is Ali Hazelwood’s latest release, a paranormal romance following Misery Lark, a Vampyre princess who is forced to marry Lowe Moreland, the Alpha of the Weres, to prevent a war between their races. They both have secrets that could endanger their lives and their fragile truce, but they also have a chemistry that is hard to resist. The book is a captivating and steamy read that will make you root for Misery and Lowe as they confront their enemies, their pasts, and their hearts.

The Book of Azrael – February

Amber V. Nicole

The Book of Azrael is a fantasy romance that follows the intertwined fates of Dianna, a young woman who made a deal with a dark entity to save her sister’s life, and Liam, a legendary king who is known as the World Ender. They both face a common enemy, an ancient evil that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. Along their journey together to the realm in which their loved ones are endangered, they encounter mythical creatures, magical relics, hidden secrets, and the power of love.

The Throne of Broken Gods – February

Amber V. Nicole

The Throne of Broken Gods is the second book in the Gods and Monsters series by Amber Nicole. It is a dark fantasy romance novel that follows Dianna, a powerful being who has lost her world and her sanity. She becomes a ruthless and destructive force, unleashing her wrath on anyone who crosses her path. Liam, her lover and ally, tries to save her from herself and the enemies who want to use her for their own purposes. The book is full of action, suspense, and emotion, as Dianna and Liam face the ultimate challenge of their lives.

The Crimson Moth – April

Kristen Ciccarelli

The Crimson Moth is a forbidden romance between Rune, a witch, and Gideon, a skilled witch hunter in a dystopian world where magic is outlawed. Rune leads a double life as a socialite and vigilante, while Gideon tries to expose her secret identity. They both struggle with their loyalties and their feelings for each other, unaware of the danger they are in in this thrilling and emotional story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice.

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