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Latest Reviews from the JBP Kids Bookclub

From the perfect Easter reads to heartwarming adventures, check out the latest delightful reviews from the JBP Book Club kids.

Reviewer: @sehcornish (Instagram)

#jbpkidsbookclub @jonathanballkids

Thank you for the beautiful books that Izzy has thoroughly enjoyed reading to me and her little brother.

Storm Dragon by Dianne Hofmeyr and Carol Thompson has a multitude of new words to master and enticing pictures to look at. What a lovely adventure for a grandpa and his granddaughter to go on and a great little story immerse yourself in.

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Reviewer: @sehcornish (Instagram)

Bo thinks this book has been a great read so far ; “What drew me to this book is that my mom has a twin brother and just like Maysa and Musa, they are total opposites. The plot is interesting and full of twists and has a crazy arch nemesis (which is always cool!!!). It’s been interesting to learn more kids in the UK and what they get up to!

Thank you #jbpkidsbookclub @jonathanballkids for sending me this book to enjoy with all this rainy weather we’re having”

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Reviewer: @sehcornish (Instagram)

After a busy 1st term with sports and tests, Bo finally had some time to catch up on some reading – he was sent some fun reads from the #jbpkidsbookclub to review and here are his thoughts “this is a fun book, filled with characters that are a little “off the wall” and up for some wild adventures. Limpet is a funny boy and has some cool friends and the ultimate hero of the day.” Thank you @jonathanballkids for this great book!

Book details: The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams – Perilous Pineapple Plot. By Shane Hegarty

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Reviewer: @luluspov_ (Instagram)

Book review with Owe.

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive read-aloud book for your little ones, this is it, Gigantic by Rob Biddulph.

The illustrations are fantastic and the story has a wonderful lesson for kids of all ages to learn.

Your kids can draw a whale with Rob by scanning the QR code at the end of the book. This is a must-have for your kids bookshelf.

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Reviewer: @luluspov_ (Instagram)

Unlocking the magic of reading and learning, even among the clouds.

This awesome book from the @jonathanballkids has made learning even more fun for my little one with a curious mind.

It has 365 words to learn everyday. Phindy this month learned a new word and she’s been throwing it at us whenever the situation fits. She learnt the word ‘Ambiguous’ and she loves using it.

It’s a must have for curious minds.

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Reviewer: @lisatrollip (Instagram)

Gigantic is a new picture book from Rob Biddulph. It’s a heartwarming story about “the small whale with a big heart” with an important message that you don’t always have to be big to be mighty.

Despite his name, Gigantic is the smallest whale in the whole pod. But he steps up to help when his older brother Titan finds himself in trouble. It’s a fun rhyming story with beautiful illustrations that will delight young readers.

Fun fact, the whale character in this book was the same blue whale drawn during a Draw with Rob world record for the largest ever online art class in 2020. We were part of those 100 000 artists who joined that art class and so we were excited to read this book!

Thanks to @jonathanballpublishers Kids Book Club for sharing this wonderful book with us.

Ethan is a big fan of Rob’s books, he was happy to spot a familiar character from Blown Away in this new book too. Here’s his review of Gigantic:

“It was nice, the drawings were very pretty and it was a good book to tell you that size doesn’t matter, it’s all about your heart.”

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Reviewer: @lisatrollip (Instagram)

If you’re looking for a fun non-chocolately treat for Easter 🐰 this weekend, then be sure to check out this new Murray and Bun book.

Written by Adam Stower, Murray and Bun: Murray the Viking introduces young readers to your favourite new duo, Murray and Bun! Sometimes Murray’s enchanted cat flap just leads to the garden, but other times it leads straight to adventure.

This time around the pair travel through the cat flap and find themselves in a land of Vikings. After being tasked with a mission, to travel to Troll Island and rescue Eggrik the Viking, they set out as rather small but brave troll hunters.

This book had both kids giggling (the illustrations are also wonderful) and even inspired a few Bun adventures of their own.

Do you think your children would enjoy reading about Murray and Bun?

Thanks to @jonathanballkids for this great review copy.

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Reviewer: @lisatrollip (Instagram)

We received our new @jonathanballpublishers Kids Book Club delivery this week, and I can’t wait to show you more about the new books we’ll be reading this month.

Tucked inside the new bookmail was this Mr. Men Little Miss Easter Countdown book that I wanted to share with you today. It’s a colourful, fun read for little ones and would make a great addition to your Easter basket.

Do you add books to the special days you celebrate?

Thanks to the @jonathanballkids team for the happy book mail!

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Reviewer: @bookwolftams (Instagram)

✨ Larkin’s Recs ✨

Thank you to @jonathanballkids for this #gifted review copy.

Happy Easter to all of our book friends who celebrate.

This week Larkin got some awesome #bookmail from JB Kids Book Club that was perfectly in time for Easter!

Eddie the Easter Egg is a great friend who always supports and cheers his friends on when they need it the most.

One day Eddie gets an awesome opportunity but he’s worried he can’t do it, luckily all of his friends are there to return the support he’s always given them.

This is such a great book to teach kids about lifting others up and being kind.

Eddie the Easter Egg also has a game in the book. 20 Easter eggs are hidden within the story for your child to find. Larkin absolutely loves looking for the eggs and counting to make sure he’s found them all.

And yes, Binky did find the book a bit too tasty. Sorry Larkin.

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Reviewer: @bookwolftams (Instagram)

✨ Larkin’s Recs ✨

Thank you to @jonathanballkids for this amazing #gifted book.

Larkin absolutely adores Rachel Bright’s books, especially the dinosaur ones. He was so excited when he saw that Wobblysaurus was included in his #jbpkidsbookclub package, and believe me we have read it many times already.

Wobblysaurus is learning to ride her bike, but oh dear, she’s a bit wobbly and keeps falling off! Luckily Grannysaurus is on hand and knows just what to say to keep her little Wobblysaurus from giving up. Wobblysaurus keeps on trying, and in the end learns that if you want to do something it’s worth it to keep on trying. After all, everyone starts out wobbly when they try something new!

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Reviewer: @bookwolftams (Instagram)

Thank you to @jonathanballkids and #jbpkidsbookclub for this awesome #gifted book for Larkin.

There are three things here that Larkin loves : taking photos, being silly and Nosy Crow books.

In Nabil Steals A Penguin, Nabil meets Pierre the penguin in Paris, and he is sick of having fish to eat. Enticed by Nabil’s mum’s cooking, Pierre begs Nabil to take him home with him. How will Nabil keep Pierre hidden from everyone, especially his parents

Larkin loved this book and was concerned about Pierre needing water, and what would happen if Nabil’s mum found out. Luckily it had a happy ending.

They say animals choose their family, and in this case Pierre chose Nabil’s family – and curry – over fish at the zoo.

And no Larkin, we can’t have a pet penguin.

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Reviewer: @hayleymalan (Instagram)

When it’s Book Day at school and you get to dress up as your fave book character ⚡️

Pokémon: A New Companion is Aidans first @jonathanballkids Book Club read for the year!

As we all know, Pokémon is one of the most popular and successful entertainment franchises in the world, encompassing video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, mobile games, movies and books too!

Aidan is a huge fan of it all, so he loved this Chapter Book which is based on two exciting adventures from Pokémon Master Journeys, the top-rated animated series. In this adventure, Ash and Goh meet a mischievous Grookey and find out how a vision of a mysterious Galarian Ponyta leads Chloe on an exciting quest.

Aidan loves the black-and-white illustrations throughout this book and we think it is perfect for all readers and Pokémon fans.

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