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Must Read Fashion Books

Are you someone who is passionate about fashion? Are you a designer or just someone who is curious about the world of haute couture? If so, then you’ll definitely want to dive into the world of fashion with this incredible list of must-read fashion books. From classic fashion icons to modern-day trendsetters, these books will inspire you, educate you, and help you develop a deep appreciation for everything that fashion has to offer. So start your fashion journey today by delving into these amazing fashion reads.

The Catwalk Series by Thames & Hudson are a series of high-end, clothbound books that offer an unrivalled overview of the collections of the world’s top fashion houses through original catwalk photography.

Each collection is introduced by a short text unveiling its influences and highlights, and illustrated with a gallery of carefully curated catwalk images. These showcase hundreds of spectacular clothes, details, accessories, beauty looks and set designs – and, of course, the top fashion models who wore them on the runway. A rich reference section concludes the book.

The various catwalk collections available include: Dior, Prada, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe, Givenchy, and Versace.

Jessica Bumpus

Master the fashion ideas that shape the world of style today.

In a series of 50 accessible essays, Jessica Bumpus introduces and explains the central ideas, trends and inventions of fashion, from the genesis of style itself to the present day.

From fast fashion and the invention of the high heel to streetwear and the impact of the ‘influencer’, 50 Fashion Ideas You Really Need to Know is complete introduction to the most important fashion concepts in history.

Larry Deadstock

An accessible and comprehensive encyclopedia of 1,000 deadstock sneakers––the originals produced for exclusive, limited edition releases––by trendsetting sneakerhead and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock.

“Deadstock” refers to the originals: authentic, unworn sneakers that were produced for limited-edition releases, limited-run reruns, or pairs that have otherwise stopped being made. No longer available from the direct retailers, deadstock is the most desirable, exclusive, and valuable sneaker merchandise in existence, only available from select resell shops and websites such as Larry Deadstock’s.

In 1,000 Deadstock Sneakers, deadstock collector and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock teams up with streetwear journalist François Chevalier to dive deep into the origins, history, and trends of international sneaker culture.

Megan Hess

This special enlarged and updated edition of the international bestseller New York: Through A Fashion Eye shares the best places to play, sleep, eat and of course shop in the Big Apple, from globally renowned illustrator Megan Hess.

Skyscrapers, honking cabs and chic New Yorkers strutting the sidewalks – it’s a city like no other. But where to visit, and what to do? Let Megan Hess take you on a fashion-lover’s adventure through the city that never sleep – from breakfast at Tiffany’s to people watching in Central Park.

Filled with Megan’s elegant, detailed illustrations, New York: Through A Fashion Eye in an insider’s guide to one of the world’s most-loved fashion cities. This special edition features a larger format, beautiful new cover, revised content and a ribbon.

Styles do not come out of nowhere, there is always a reason and a story behind. In fact, every style is a cultural carrier reflecting the society of the time, whispering how people were experiencing and reacting to the world.

In Stylepedia, we will dig deeper into the relationship between styles and history, how the world and incident has shaped different styles under different times, what message and beliefs do these styles of clothing carry.

This book covers all worldwide common styles from the 1900s to 2020s, including mainstream fashion, subculture and microtrends, aided by detailed illustrations showcasing a complete look and highlighting key fashion items, this book will explain reasons and details about how these items are related to each style.

We believe that Stylepedia would be an inspiring reference for designers in storytelling, as well as for stylists as an easy reference in looking back into the past for a glimpse how people from different demographics would dress up.

Emma Baxter-Wright

For the first time, eight collectable, pocket-sized fashion books in one set. Containing the stories of eight legendary fashion houses, this beautiful box holds the best-selling fashion style guides.

Exploring eight designers who exemplify elegance and high couture, the little books of fashion follow these brands from their creation, moving through their style evolutions, the key looks that define them and their impact on the fashion landscape today.

Featuring over eight hundred exquisite images and text by bestselling fashion writers, these definitive guides to luxury style are the perfect gift set for any fashion lover.


Little Book of Chanel
Little Book of Dior
Little Book of Prada
Little Book of Gucci
Little Book of Louis Vuitton
Little Book of Yves Saint Laurent
Little Book of Balenciaga
Little Book of Hermès

Sonnet Stanfill

Naomi Campbell is a phenomenon. Still very much at the top of her game after nearly four decades in the fashion industry, news of her trailblazing work, both on and off the catwalk, continues to hit the front pages as she pushes the boundaries of the fashion world.

Inspiring, creative, energetic and most definitely iconic, Campbell stands apart as a unique force. Opening with a specially commissioned interview by Tim Blanks, this book showcases 25 of the most eloquent ensembles from across her career, personally selected and discussed by Campbell herself. It also explores the different facets of her success – from her work as a model, a muse and brand builder, to life beyond the catwalk as a cultural leader with her unerring support of emerging designers.

With spectacular looks from Azzedine Alaïa, Gianni Versace, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Kenneth Ize – to name but a few – this is an exclusive look into the world of one of fashion’s most talented and enduring personalities.

Bay Garnett

Mixing thoughtful, original and contemporary pieces with trailblazers from the past, this is a gloriously eclectic celebration of self-expression.

Maya Angelou’s perfectly fitting dress made her feel like a sunbeam. Zadie Smith’s wardrobe differs depending on whether she’s in London or New York, while Joan Didion always followed the same packing list. Beau Brummell and Luke Edward Hall consider colour in an outfit like an artist does a painting; Nora Ephron knows that ‘everything matches black, especially black.’

Bella Freud and Jarvis Cocker found inspiration at jumble sales; designer Harris Reed in the gender-fluidity of Orlando. Oscar Wilde understood that proportions were everything. Megan Jayne Crabbe learned to stop letting size dictate her choices; Stanley Tucci favours a narrow stripe. Chloe Sevigny delights in traditional with a twist; Sienna Miller misses the freedom of a less self conscious age. Eunice Olumide collects sportswear and loves bling. The Victorian founders of the Rational Dress Society felt an absence of pressure on the body was crucial, Daphne Guinness leaves a trail of feathers and sequins in her wake.

For Davinia McCall, an outfit begins with underwear; for Sophie Dahl it’s not complete without scent. Clothes allow Susie Cave to hide and Charlotte Tilbury to feel empowered. Rachel Weisz praises the democratic power of denim and Bernadine Evaristo’s style signals her refusal to be stereotyped.

Whatever your tribe, whatever rules you do or don’t ascribe to, Bay Garnett has created the ultimate accessory.

Clare Press

A crystal-ball look into tomorrow’s wardrobe: conscious, fair, slow, upcycled, biointelligent, digital … the fashion industry is undergoing some radical reimagining.

What will you be wearing tomorrow? Will your jacket have been grown in a lab, or your jeans coloured using bacteria? How will you access that new shirt you’ve got your eye on? Will we still have shops? What does the future of work look like for the people who make our garments?

The current fashion system is wasteful, environmentally harmful and exploitative. And, if we carry on as we do now, it could account for a quarter of global emissions by 2050. But creative thinkers are dreaming up new ways to craft our sartorial identities that don’t wreck the planet.

Vogue Australia’s first sustainability editor, Clare Press, introduces us to the fascinating innovators who are redesigning fashion from the ground up and changing it in the most fundamental ways.

Lesley Barnes

Fashion Play is an enchanting book illustrated by Lesley Barnes. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and fashion becomes an endless playground.

Fashion Play is an enchanting book illustrated by Lesley Barnes. The book is divided into three sections, allowing you to mix and match fashion outfits in a delightfully playful manner. The possibilities are as boundless as your own imagination. Fashion lovers of all ages will find endless joy in curating their own sartorial masterpieces. Whether you’re a budding fashionista or a seasoned trendsetter, this interactive book will inspire you to experiment, express and embrace your unique sense of style. So, dive into the world of Fashion Play and unlock your inner fashion designer.

Mellissa Huber

Celebrating the creativity and artistic legacy of female fashion designers from the eighteenth century to the present day.

This elegantly designed volume, featuring all-new photography of more than 70 garments, celebrates the impact of fashions created by and for women—from unidentified dressmakers in eighteenth century France to contemporary designers who are leading the direction of fashion today.

Women Dressing Women includes ensembles from French houses such as Vionnet, Schiaparelli, and Mad Carpentier; American makers like Ann Lowe, Claire McCardell, and Isabel Toledo; and contemporary designers including Rei Kawakubo, Iris van Herpen, Simone Rocha, and Anifa Mvuemba. The accompanying essays address notions of anonymity, visibility, agency, and omission, exploring how these concepts have impacted female designers and situating their creations in a larger social context, while an illustrated timeline visually traces connections between these celebrated women and their aesthetic sensibilities.

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