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Plant-Based Cookbooks for 2024

As plant-based diets become increasingly popular in today’s world, we decided to take a look at the latest and greatest plant-based cookbooks for 2024 – which will be sure to inspire you to cook something new and impress the veggie-lover in your life.

Plant-based cookbooks for 2024


Radhi Shetty

A passionate cook and nutritionist, Radhi Devlukia Shetty’s JoyFull is abundant and inviting. With over 125 plant based recipes, it is designed to balance health and satisfaction; her wide-ranging dishes bring vibrant flavours to every meal of the day and rely on accessible ingredients. And because food alone cannot sustain us completely, Radhi shares her daily wellness practices: her revitalizing morning skincare routine, ancient rituals to nourish and strengthen your hair, meditations and prayers for staying present, and breathwork that will carry you through each phase the day. Radhi shares its transformative principles in a way that’s easy for anyone to incorporate into their life. She offers mindful practices around cooking and explains how, as we connect to our food and understand our body and improve our health.

Make It Vegan

Madeleine Olivia

Whether you’re looking to up your fruit and veg intake, a flexitarian, vegan curious or taking that leap from vegetarian to full-on vegan, this book will bring flavoursome, fool proof and fuss-free meals to your table – whatever your budget. Social-media sensation Madeleine Olivia has spent years developing delicious dishes and sharing them with her followers on YouTube and Instagram. She is here to teach you how to cook a variety of tasty, simple and affordable meals taking you from breakfast right through to lunch and dinner (with some sweet treats thrown in for good measure!). With over 60 recipes, including Plant-based Pain au Chocolat, 10 minute Mac ’n’ Cheese and Caramel Truffles, Madeleine will show you that the vegan way of life can be exciting, easy and mouth-wateringly good.

Bosh! Meat

Henry Firth & Ian Theasby

The groundbreaking new cookbook from Sunday Times bestselling authors Henry Firth and Ian Theasby.

Mighty, meaty meals that will impress and delight your tastebuds. Satisfy all your meat cravings, adopt a new way of thinking about food without ever compromising on taste and flavour. Sunday Times bestselling authors Henry Firth and Ian Theasby show you how to cook delicious dishes that feel and taste like meat, but are in fact 100% plant-based. Learn to cook chilli cheeseburger nachos, lobster rolls, duck pancakes in your very own kitchen. Whether it’s a quick midweek dinner or an impressive party feast, eat meat without the carbon footprint.

Easy Speedy Vegan

Katy Beskow

Simple, straightforward and delicious – Easy Speedy Vegan is the ultimate guide for plant-based mealtimes, bringing you 100 new recipes from bestselling author Katy Beskow.

Easy to prepare, quick to cook and using readily available ingredients, this book is not only the go-to cookbook for new and established vegans, but also for home cooks looking for effortless ways to bring plant-based meals into their kitchen. The modern world of vegan cooking can often be confusing, but with a list of easy-to source store-cupboard essentials, useful kitchen equipment, details on common vegan substitutions and demystifying explanations of increasingly popular vegan ingredients (such as jackfruit and silken tofu) you’ll be able to produce delicious food, every time hunger calls.

Whether you’ve got 10, 20 or 30 minutes, there’s something to satisfy at any time of the day, no matter how little time you have. This is feel-good, effortless food by an expert in vegan cooking – and the only plant-based cookbook you’ll ever need.

Anything You Can Cook, I Can Cook Vegan

Richard Makin

Imagine a world with limitless vegan options; a place where anything and everything can be made vegan. Mac ‘n cheese? Proper English fry up? Decadent ice cream sundae? Imagine no more – you can find them all here! Anything You Can Cook, I Can Cook Vegan is a guide to truly creative plant based cooking with zero sacrifices. With over 100 innovative recipes, along with tips, techniques and ingredient guides, this book will teach you how to feel more confident than ever in a plant-based kitchen. With cleverly marked difficulty levels, recipes range from quick, school-night classics to fun weekend baking projects. You’ll learn to make delicious  eat alternatives and proper, grateable vegan cheeses, and find out just how versatile tofu can be.

Foolproof Veggie One Pot

Alan Rosenthal

Whether you’re a vegetarian or flexitarian or just looking to cut down on meat, you’ll find plenty of options for tasty, practical veggie dishes for every lifestyle in Foolproof Vegetarian One-Pot. Celebrate the essence and simplicity of one-pot cooking with everything from creamy pastas and risottos to fragrant curries and stir-fries, with 60 delicious and modern vegetarian recipes that are full of flavour.

The Levantine Vegetarian

Salma Hage

This glorious celebration of a bold vegetarian cuisine features 140 easy-to-make, bright, uplifting plantbased recipes, including classics such as falafels, hummus, and tabbouleh, as well as unique dishes reflective of region, religion, and culture across the Levantine. The food is fresh and delicious, whether it’s garlic-laced mezze dishes, pitas stuffed with pickles, tahini, and grilled vegetables, or sweet and spicy desserts. The recipes are accompanied by beautiful photography that captures the vibrancy and the plentiful, sharing nature of the Middle Eastern dining table.

Vietnamese Vegetarian

Uyen Luu

From quick dishes such as Sweet Potato Noodles with Roasted Fennel and Sweetheart Cabbage and Omelette Banh Mi, to dishes fit for a feast such as Mushroom and Tofu Phở and Rice Paper Pizza, as well as sweet treats like Rainbow Dessert and Lotus and Purple Sweet Potato Rice Pudding, there is a vast array of dishes for any occasion. With tips and tricks on how to adapt the recipes to use alternative ingredients, this is bound to be everyone’s go-to book on vegetarian Vietnamese food.

Every Night Of The Week Veg

Lucy Tweed

It’s a daily slog to get veg into the mouths of every member of the household. Welcome to your sanity solution: delicious meals that vegetarians and meat-eaters will love in equal measure, served with a generous dollop of Lucy Tweed’s trademark wit. Choose your own daily adventure!

Monday Cowboy Pasta Dreams Pasta every which way, because there’s nothing as truly weeknight. Toned-down Tuesdays Big, bold flavours with a laid-back attitude; one-pan where possible. Saucy Wet Wednesdays Soups and curries and slurries and spice. Carbs-Filled-With-Things Thursdays From loaded buns and spuds to lovely things squashed into dough, this is comfort central. Phat Snack Fridays Throw-it-together munchies with two criteria: 1. Use it up, and 2. Make it irresistible. The Bold and the Beautiful Saturday Salads Show-off salads that take the spotlight come BBQ day. Sunday Oeufs If you say it in French, it’s sexier. All your egg needs for Sunday. Sweet Anytime Treats Just because


Alexander Gershberg

Plant-based cooking that makes the most of your pantry with recipes that celebrate simplicity. Plantbased is a complete guide to a rich vegan diet. Discover how to cook delicious and simple meals, ferment at home, and get the most from your grains, legumes, and vegetables. Alexander Gershberg’s book is an introduction to the versatility of plant-based cooking, enhanced by Japanese and Israeli techniques. His book makes extensive use of vegetables like parsnips, celeriac, kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichoke, and others that are often overlooked, with recipes that don’t require complicated methods or equipment. Plantbased’s recipes are easy to follow and focus on ingredients that build a healthy diet and a delicious dish.

Mildreds Vegan

Bursting with clever ideas for feasts with family and friends, as well as for delicious, simple everyday meals, Mildreds Vegan Cookbook brings you punchy flavours, satisfying dishes, a dash of urban cool and a refreshing take on the conventional stereotype of vegan food. There are plenty of dishes to wow a crowd, whether it’s Walnut, Date & Cinnamon Rolls and Smoky Baked Beans on Grilled Sourdough for a brunch with friends; Memphis Bourbon Barbecue Skewers and Rainbow Root Slaw with Orange, Maple & Thyme Dressing for a summer barbecue; Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Icing for a children’s party; or Butternut Squash & Tofu Terrine with Redcurrant Stuffing and an I-can’t-believe-it’s-vegan Espresso Crème Caramel for a celebration dinner. A vegan diet the Mildreds way will bring joy and surprise to your life, and ensure your taste buds are well and truly alive and kicking. Sit back and enjoy fantastic-tasting food for everyone and every occasion.

Japan, The Vegetarian Cookbook

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

From the author of global bestseller Japan: The Cookbook, more than 250 delicious, healthy vegetarian Japanese recipes for home cooks.

In this collection of new recipes, Nancy Singleton Hachisu, the most authoritative voice in Japanese home cooking today, showcases Japanese vegetarian dishes, bringing the exquisite flavors of the nation’s elegant cuisine to those who follow a plant-based diet or want to lower the amount of fish and meat they eat.

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