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Reviews from the JBP Kids Bookclub

From the perfect Easter reads to heartwarming adventures, check out more delightful reviews from the JBP Book Club kids.

Reviewer: @zackandnur (Instagram)

Happy Easter to those celebrating ✨ BOOK mail for the boys this Month Included:

1.Amazing Puzzles and Quizzes Easter edition – a book filled with over 120 easter – themed brain teasers, picture puzzles, riddles and so much more.

This definitely kept both boys busy. Nur enjoyed the spot the difference activity and Zack loved the riddles.

2. Murray and Bun – Murray and the Viking
The boys was instantly drawn to the book cover, the comic style book is about Adventure which the boys is all about… Murray and Bun travel through the cat flap and find themselves in a land of vikings and given a very important mission.


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Reviewer: @thabi_and_her_books (Instagram)

Book review 📚📚thank you @jonathanballkids Bookclub for our book.

This book is all about love, the love we see in nature, the love we share with friends and family, the love we feel when we listen to music

#bookreview #jbpbookclub

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Reviewer: @thabi_and_her_books (Instagram)

Kindness is the best way around any quarrel.

Swipe for our book review of the Hugasaurus


#jbpkidsbookclub #bookstagram

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Reviewer: @nazreenkassam (Instagram)

Uthmaan’s book review of The Little Fear. He loved this book and reads it to his twin baby brothers. They now make the sounds like Spooookeeeey or scaaaarrryyy.

@jonathanballkids @jonathanballpublishers

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Reviewer: @storytimewith_kayandsash (Instagram)

Book Review: The Hugasaurus by Rachel Bright.


@jonathanballpublishers ❤️📚

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Reviewer: @storytimewith_kayandsash (Instagram)

Book Review: A Horse Called Now, an amazing book by Ruth Doyle.



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Reviewer: @storytimewith_kayandsash (Instagram)

Sundays are for book reviews. Kwande writing a book review of Collins’ A Word a Day and Sakhiwe doing A Horse called Now by Ruth Doyle.



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Reviewer: @wendy_erasmus (Instagram)

Come do some Cat In The Hat activities with Mikey and @jonathanballkids 🤩📚




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Reviewer: @disebo_mbalo (Instagram)

Thanks to @jonathanballkids and JBP Kids book club for the books. His face lightened up when he opened the package 😅

We can’t wait to read the books 📚
1. The Wobblysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton
2. The little things by Penny Harrison and Hannah Sommerville

Stay glued to my feed to see Melo’s review and feedback on the two books 📚

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Reviewer: @raising_liv (Instagram)

📚🌟 Exciting News Alert! 🌟📚

Thrilled to announce that our daughter has been handpicked for the prestigious @Jonathanballkids book club! 🎉 Get ready for a literary journey filled with captivating reads and insightful reviews.

Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of literature! ✨

Olivia is over the moon about “When a Dragon Goes to School”. The engaging questions and delightful rhymes had her hooked from the start. 💭

And the anticipation for “The Cat in the Hat Activity Book” is through the roof! 🎩📝

Here’s to endless adventures through the pages. 📖💫

📚 “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss 🌍✨


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Reviewer: @nadinesmallbergblog (Instagram)

The Easter bunny came and did not disappoint 👏🏼🍫

Happy Easter Sunday!

We spent the day together with family celebrating and enjoying each other. Lots of chocolate was shared and the Easter egg hunt is always a highlight.

Girlfriend got sent these awesome Mr. Men Little Miss Easter books from @jonathanballkids and we love them. Definitely something to add to your kids bookshelf, especially if you do themes throughout the year. These will be great for next year’s count down to Easter again.

Have you indulged in any 🍫 this weekend yet?


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Reviewer: @chaos_and_kindnesss (Instagram)

What’s New Harper Drew – lights, drama, action! By Kathy Weeks


Harper Drew might seem like an average girl, but her life is beyond normal! She documents each days events in her diary. From her little brothers hair crisis to her older brothers hair contract, you can read about it all!

Not only does Harper have her brothers to deal with, but a disastrous home makeover, a royal visit from the king, and a school scandal too! Will she get to the bottom of it, or will it be too late to save her school?

You’ll have to read Harper’s diary to find out!

The girls thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. They were captivated from the start and couldn’t wait to see what would happen to Harper next!

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Reviewer: @thecoolmomjes (Instagram)

Guess who received book mail?!
Liam was so excited to open his package from @jonathanballpublishers Book Club 📚

He received:
Spaceboy by @dwalliams

We have such fond memories of reading Gangsta Granny together a few years ago 🥰 so we’re super excited to read this gem!

The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension by @max_loves_pants

Liam immediately recognised that this is a show on Netflix & promptly proceeded to start reading! 🤓



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Reviewer: @everydaylifewithkayla (Instagram)

On Thursday a special delivery came for little miss Elisha and was she excited? 🤣🤣🤣

She loves the Little book series and when she saw it, she asked ‘mommy, is this for me?’ with a smile on her face. We already had three of the little book series so when this came she immediately saw it because I put it on the table hoping she would find it and indeed she did.

The same night we had to read it and she was excited to see all the pictures too. She even took it with her to church 🤣🤣🤣..

Thank you @jonathanballkids and @jonathanballpublishers for sending us this beautiful book 😍😍..


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