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Audio Book: ‘Daisy De Melker’ by Ted Botha

Daisy De Melker

How a Poisoner Hid in the City of Killers and Gold

Written By Ted Botha

Narrated by Colin Moss

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A true crime classic about Daily de Melker in ragtime Joburg – a city of murder, mayhem and gold.

Ted Botha takes the reader into the underbelly of Johannesburg in the 1920s and 1930s as he traces the fascinating story of the mysterious Daisy de Melker who was hanged for poisoning her son. Many also believed she poisoned two husbands for their life insurance money.

In the shadow of ever-growing mine dumps, she went about her business quietly and unnoticed – the most unlikely of killers. Even though people close to her kept dying, no one suspected a thing for twenty years. When someone finally spoke up, it led to one of South Africa’s most sensational trials.

De Melker’s story unfolds in tandem with those of colourful Johannesburg characters of the same period such as the Foster Gang, Herman Charles Bosman, the dashing conman Baron von Veltheim and a Bonny-and-Clyde-style couple, Dicky Mallalieu and Gwen Tolputt. Some cross paths with each other and also those of famous writers of era such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sarah Gertrude Millin.

About the Author

Ted Botha is the author of several books in South Africa and in the US, including Apartheid in my Rucksack, Flat/White and The Girl with the Crooked Nose. He lives in Cape Town.

About the Narrator

Colin Moss brings over twenty years of improv, stand-up comedy, theatre, film, dubbing, animation, television and hosting experience to the mic. His very first professional job as a young actor was doing SABC radio plays. He has since gone on to voice hundreds of radio, TV and internet spots, locally and abroad.

Audiobook Details:

Published: October 2023
ISBN: 9781776193400
Narrator: Colin Moss

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