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‘Love and Fury’ by Margie Orford

Love and Fury

Margie Orford

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‘This book kept me alive.’

Love and Fury is the compelling and intimate account of the life, loves and furies of Margie Orford. In this brave memoir, the renowned South African crime writer divulges some of the harrowing experiences that have shaped her life and influenced her writing.

Through sexual assault, divorce, depression and personal loss, Orford illuminates the trauma she has navigated. Tender and courageous chapters vividly recall memories of what she has been through as a woman, mother, wife, feminist and ambitious writer.

Love and Fury shows why trauma in our past can have such an enduring and debilitating effect on women’s lives. It also unpacks the healing power of love, creativity, courage and self-reflection, ultimately offering a profound message of hope and joy for any woman who has ever questioned themselves, their trauma and who they are in the world.

This book is every woman’s love and fury.

About the Author

Margie Orford is an internationally acclaimed writer and an award winning journalist. Her most recent novel is The Eye of the Beholder. Her Clare Hart novels have been widely translated and led to her being described as the ‘queen of South African crime-thriller writers’ (The Weekender). She has a PhD in creative writing, has written many children’s books as well as nonfiction on climate change and human rights. She was the patron of Rape Crisis, is president emerita of PEN South Africa and was an executive board member of PEN International. She has lived in Namibia and South Africa but now lives in London.

Book Details:

Published: March 2024
ISBN: 9781776190881
Format: Trade Paperback
Page extent: 280 pages

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