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News24 Book of the Month: ‘Blame Me On History’ by William Modisane

This 60th-anniversary edition of Modisane’s autobiography serves as an example of passionate resistance to the scourge of racial discrimination in our country.

10 Positively Perfect Puzzles

Whether you want to pass the time by yourself, or share in the fun with friends and family, check out our list of the perfect

Glorious Gardening Books

We have put together a list of the new and upcoming books on gardening - ranging from artistic to environmental to educational.

Nonfiction Bestsellers for March

Enjoy a spectacular list of some of Jonathan Ball's bestselling non-fiction reads for March 2024, by world-renowned authors.

‘The 5 AM Club’ by Robin Sharma

the 5AM Club is part manifesto for mastery, part playbook for genius-grade productivity and part companion for a life lived beautifully.

‘Finding Endurance’ by Darrel Bristow-Bovey

Drawing on literature, natural history, personal memoir and the thrilling epics of polar adventure, this is a celebration of the human spirit.

‘Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup’ by Sam Beckbessinger

We never get an instruction manual about how money works. This book tells it to you straight: how to take control of your money to

‘Rise’, an autobiography by Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi shares his story, from the impoverished Zwide township, to leading his nation to victory at the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

‘Love and Fury’ by Margie Orford

Love and Fury is the compelling and intimate account of the life, loves and furies of renowned South African writer Margie Orford.

Review: ‘Cuckooland’ by Tom Burgis

From the bestselling author of Kleptopia comes a true story about Cuckooland – a world where the rich can buy everything – including the truth.