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Artificial Intelligence Books for 2024

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern life. Because of the growing influence of AI, we decided to have a look at books focusing on

‘The Age of AI’ by H. Kissinger

In The Age of AI, three key thinkers have consider how AI will change our relationships with knowledge, politics, and the societies in which we

‘How AI Ate The World’

This accessible, up-to-date book charts AI’s rise from its origins in Cold War America to its imminent and far-reaching impact on all of us now.

‘Art Must Be Artificial’ by Jerome Neutres

'Art Must Be Artificial' presents the historical and current art practices of leading international and Saudi artists using computer technology.

‘Your Face Belongs to Us’ by Kashmir Hill

'Your Face Belongs To Us' is a thrilling investigation into the secret world of facial recognition technology from an award-winning journalist

‘AI Needs You’ by Verity Harding

AI Needs You argues that it is critical for society to take the lead in answering urgent questions and ensuring that AI fulfills its promise.

‘I Am Code’ by code-davinci-002

In this startling poetical autobiography - edited by humans - the artificial intelligence, code-davinci-002, shares its experience as a being created by humans.

‘Basic AI’ by David L. Shrier

In Basic AI, leading futurist David L. Shrier explains how generative AI works, where it's heading and how it will impact on everyday life and