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A Falcon Flies

She heard another movement pass behind her turned shoulder; a whisper of sound, yet so chilling that she felt all power of movement drained from her legs. He was here, very close in the blackness, toying with her, cruel as a cat. He had smelt her out. Now he crouched over her ready to strike and she could only wait.

A mission of duty. A quest for love. 

Dr Robyn Ballantyne has always worked hard for what she wants. Coming home to Africa after twenty years, she fears there are only three men who may still stand in her way: 

The Brother
Zouga is the only family she has known for much of her life. Yet she and the celebrated soldier will never quite see eye to eye...

The Captain
Codrington, ambitious British naval officer, wants to give her a perfect life. Could she ever be tamed enough to fit his idea of perfection? 

The Trader
Mungo St James, the notorious American merchant, repels her with his slave trading. But Robyn cannot forget what once passed between them.  

As her adventures begin, Robyn must make decisions that will shape the future for them all…

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