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Dave Grohl Competition 04 04

The Storyteller by Dave Grohl

The following terms and conditions apply to the competition, which you (hereinafter referred to as “the participant” or “you”) undertake and agree to be bound by after entering the competition:


  1. By entering this competition and/or the participant accepting any prize, you grant your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions of this competition and by entering you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions on www.mustreadbooks.co.za/features/
  2. The organizer of this competition is Jonathan Ball Publishers (hereinafter referred to as “the organizer).
  3. All information relating to this competition, which is published on any promotional material or published via any form of media, will be covered under these terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict between the content of such promotional material and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  4. The competition runs from 1 November 2021 to 15 December 2021.
  5. The prize is as follows:

A limited edition drumskin signed by Dave Grohl

  1. These terms and conditions apply equally to the winner’s companion. The winner and the winner’s companion shall confirm in writing that they agree to the terms and conditions prior to utilizing the prize.
  2. The prize will be shipped to the winner once the winner is announced.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate or alter this competition at any time, without notice to any party and shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever arising out of such cancellation, termination or alteration. Details of any changes will be communicated on www.mustreadbooks.co.za/the-storyteller-by-dave-grohl ONLY. The organizer further reserves the right to terminate this competition immediately and without notice in the event that the competition is held to be or becomes unlawful.
  4. If the parties are required by any legislation, the Minister of Trade and Industry, or the National Lotteries Board, to alter any aspect of this competition or to terminate the competition as a result of changes in legislation, the parties will have the right to terminate this competition with immediate effect and without notice of such termination.
  5. In the event that this competition is cancelled for any reasons whatsoever, all participants hereby waive any rights which they may have against the organizer and acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against the organizer, its agents, contractors and/or the sponsors.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to replace the prize / offer with another prize / offer of similar commercial value.
  7. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all information supplied when entering the competition is accurate, complete and up to date. If a winner has given incorrect contact details, the organizer reserves the right to select another winner in terms of the rules.
  8. By entering the competition, the participant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and any amendments thereto and/or by any other requirements set out the organizer and/or any other requirements set in the promotional material accompanying the competition.
  9. By entering the competition, the participant agrees to be bound by any other requirements set out by any service provide linked to the prize including but not limited to the domestic airline carrier, the car rental company, the company providing the accommodation and the restaurant.
  10. Only a natural person will be eligible for the prize. If a company is selected as the winner, another selection will take place until a natural person is selected as a winner.
  11. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt entries will not be accepted. The parties are not responsible for any entries that are not received in time or not received by us at all, irrespective of the cause of that.  Without exception, the organiser is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction or any malfunction or defectiveness of any telephone network or lines, online computer systems, servers or suppliers, computer hardware or programs or traffic jams (physically or on the internet, telephone lines or with any other service provider, website or other device or medium) or any combination of these or any other technical or other problems. No responsibility can be accepted for lost entries and proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
  12. Participation in this competition also serves as consent to publish your name and photograph, including use of the participant's name and photograph in all related marketing and publicity promotion.
  13. Each winner releases the organizer, and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, liability, loss, or damage, including any third-party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, this competition or the possession, use, misuse of, or inability to use a prize.
  14. The organizer does not make or claim or offer any guarantees, explicitly or implicitly, regarding a prize, and in general, but without exception, does not claim or guarantee that:
  15. Participants entering or participating in the competition will necessarily result in them winning a prize.
  16. A prize or any aspect thereof to you or, if applicable, will meet with you or your companion’s requirements, preferences, standards or expectations.
  • A prize or any aspect thereof will be satisfactory, timeous, without defects, safe or reliable.
  1. The participant agrees that if any third party makes a claim for breach of copyright or any other intellectual property right, or any loss or damage arising from participant's submission to the contest, participant will indemnify the organizer and its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all such claims, including reasonable attorneys fees related thereto.
  2. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa.
  3. You may not win a prize if it is illegal for the organizers to give you such a prize. If you do win a prize in this manner, you will forfeit it.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  5. The decisions of the judges will be made in their sole discretion and will be final, no correspondences will be entered into. No appeals will be entertained. The participant agrees to abide by the decisions of the judges,
  6. The promotional competition is open to all South African residents who are in possession of a valid South African identity document, except any director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of the organizer, the marketing service providers or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
  7. In terms of the Consumer Protection Act all winners (inclusive of the winner’s companion) must supply personal information (ID number, full address and contact numbers) to claim their prize.
  8. The organizer may require participants to supply additional information as may be reasonably required to proceed/process and to promote/facilitate the acceptance and/or utilization of the prize.
  9. The winner of the prize and the winner’s selected companion must be 18 years of age or older and possess a valid South African Identity document.
  10. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information that you supply to us is accurate, complete and up to date.
  11. All prize is are non-transferable, non-negotiable and no cash alternatives will be offered.
  12. Important notice: The organizer is not liable for any technical failures affecting participation in the competition and assume no liability whatsoever for any entry that has been omitted from participation for any reason whatsoever.
  13. Participants and/or the winner and/or the winner’s companion and in the case of their death, their family, dependents, heirs, authorized persons or any other beneficiaries of their estate, indemnify the organizer against any claim of whichever nature by them or any party, whether directly, indirectly, accidental, punitive or consequential due to negligence or any other cause relating to any injury, loss, obligation, costs and/or damage they may suffer, that relates to them participating in this competition and/or them winning and accepting and/or utilizing the prize.
  14. Personal information gained from participants will in terms of best business practice in the Republic of South Africa be stored and processed and all participants, the winner and the winner’s companion consent to the processing of their personal information. For more information the organizer’s privacy policy may be viewed at https://www.media24.com/group-privacy-portal/# or obtained from the Information Officer at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  15. By participating in this promotion, participants’ personal information is automatically stored in a database for purposes of selecting a winner, for purposes of contacting the winner as well as future promotion purposes. Participants therefore agree that the organizer may contact them for future promotions.
  16. Personal information will not be traded, sold or leased to third parties. Although the organizer endeavours not to make participants’ personal information public to third parties, unless the organizer has express consent, or for the purpose of legal business interests, do not guarantee that participants’ personal information will not be shared with third parties without their consent.
  17. Participants agree that their personal information may be shared with (inter alia) the following parties:
  18. Government and law enforcement agencies
  19. Credit and other payment card suppliers
  • Where the law requires the organizer to disclose participants’ personal information to a party
  1. When the organizer have reason to believe that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to identify a party, or to make contact for legal action against such party that may possibly transgress the Terms and Conditions, or (intentionally or unintentionally) interfere with or encroach on their rights or property, other users or anybody else that may be prejudiced by such activities.
  2. By entering the competition you acknowledge that you have not beenplaced under administration, committed an act of insolvency as defined in the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936, had any application or other proceedings brought against you in terms of which a third party seeks to have you sequestrated or placed under curatorship, whether provisionally or finally in the past 36 months.
  3. The winners will be notified according to the contact information supplied to us.  If the organiser is unable to contact the winner by telephone within 24 hours or after 3 telephone calls to them or if the winner cannot claim the prize within the competition window, the winner will forfeit the prize and the organiser will reserve the right to draw a new winner under the same conditions.
  4. The orgainzer may require that you supply it with such additional information as it reasonably may require to proceed/process and to promote/facilitate you accepting and/or the utilising a prize.
  5. The organizer will not be responsble for any limitations in the benefit and use of the prizes caused as a result of Covid-19, Covid-19 regulatitions or any legiatlation or rules enacted that may result in limiting the benefit and use of the prizes.
  6. The winner and the winner’s companion acknowledge the risks associated with Covid-19 & must assume all such risks. Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease & can result in serious illness, injury & death and there is an inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 anywhere people are, or have been, present. The organizer, its respective parent companies, owners, insurers, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives, shall not be liable to the fullest extent permitted under South African law for any injury, illness, losses or damages of any nature whatsoever in connection with Covid-19 exposure.
  7. The competition will be conducted under the strict supervision of the law firm Jurgens Bekker Attorneys.

To enter participants will be required to:



Prize:  A special drumskin signed by Dave Grohl