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Mia Campbell-Richardson, 16, is ballsy, gorgeous and kind of a disaster. Unlike her brilliant sisters, academic Grace (19) and champion swimmer Audrey (13), middle child Mia has no idea what she wants to do with her life and is convinced of her status as the black sheep of the family.

Struggling at school and unable to deal with her parents easy acceptance of perfect sister Grace's fall from grace – Mia goes into a tailspin, misguidedly seducing a man in his 40s and putting herself at risk on several occasions by drinking herself into oblivion.

It is only the disappearance of her quiet and loving baby sister that is eventually able to bring Mia and Grace back together and help Mia see at last that she doesn't need it all to be about Mia to be happy. 


About Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson was born and grew up in Nottingham. Following a degree in drama, she worked as an actor for over a decade before writing her debut novel, The Art of Being Normal. Lisa loves writing about characters who are different from her and Mia Campbell-Richardson definitely fits the bill.

She's everything Lisa wasn't at 16 – loud, daring and uber confident. With no idea what's she's doing or where she's heading, she's the sort of girl who doesn't usually get to be at the centre of the story.

This is exactly why Lisa wanted to take the time to get to know her and figure out what's really going on behind the big hair and fiery attitude. When she's not writing, Lisa likes long walks, long talks, dessert of all kinds, good books and bad TV. She lives in East London.



A zingy rites of passage novel filled with warmth and insight. Financial Times

A tumultuous but poignant tale about family, friendship and being a sister. The Sun

Mia's comical, infuriating and touching story will draw you in and keep you hooked. BookTrust


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